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WPUniversity takes the pain out of learning WordPress. The WPUniversity plugin lives in your WordPress dashboard, walking you through tasks, complete with narration, contextual tooltips and guided cursor animations. An ever-growing library of walkthroughs keeps users up-to-date. Are you a WordPress developer or consultant? Spend less time training your clients. Running a WordPress site of your own? Get the help you need in real time, whenever you need it. This is WordPress learning. Evolved.

Why is WPUniversity sponsoring WordCamp Toronto?

We’re active members of the WordPress community here in Toronto, and it just makes sense to support that community in whatever way we can.

What’s your one WordPress tip for WordCamp attendees?

Aside from installing a good backup plugin — which¬†everyone should do! — you should always have a plan when building a new WordPress site. Otherwise you’ll get lost in a sea of plugin and theme options, features, etc. Draw it out on paper if you need to.

Thank you, WPUniversity, for supporting WordCamp Toronto 2013!