Radii Production

Radii Production

Radii Production is an interactive studio raising the bar for quality web design and development. Our team is made of creative thinkers and technical experts driven by a single, like-minded goal: adding real value through innovative thinking. But as much as we’re specialists in our own areas, our collaborative environment brings our departments together to more effectively produce the “Eureka!” moments of ingenuity that make our work stand out.

While we draw on our 12 years of experience to make each project better, we know that truly innovative work requires more than creative thought and technological prowess—it takes people with the drive to execute and the determination to roll up their sleeves. We’re the guys who solve the tough challenges, whose coffee-laden visions shape how long-term business objectives can be met, who build the problem-specific solutions that better the way companies are able to operate. We’re Radii, and we’re pleased to meet you.

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Why is Radii supporting WordCamp Toronto this year?

We love using WordPress and want to share what we’ve learned over the last seven years of building cool sites with it. One of the most interesting discoveries we’ve had is in different usages for WordPress deployments; these make a big difference in production, and we’d like to shine light on how these work. Plus, what better way to give back to the community and educate end users than WordCamp?

What is your one tip for WordCamp attendees?

Keep things simple, keep your requirements in mind, and keep your coffee nearby.

Thank you, Radii team, for helping make WordCamp Toronto a reality this year!