Featured Speaker: Meagan Hanes

Meagan Hanes is a lifelong digital designer who uses WordPress to empower small business owners, artisans, and all other creatives to achieve their digital dreams. With over 15 years of design experience across all aspects of digital project management, her and her brand Love Digimedia provide a range of online solutions, with a focus on self-empowerment through education and coaching. After a gracious welcome attending WordCamp Ottawa 2013 and speaking at WordCamp Montreal 2013, she is now traveling across Canada and to WordCamps around the world to share inspiration, education, and passion!

Presentation: DIY or Have It Made? Here’s How To Decide!

I’m a big fan of maps. You know, those old fold-out-paper ones you get from the gas store? Or the one Jack Sparrow used to find ? I’ve always believed that with the right map and the right tool, you could go anywhere!

Well, it turns out this belief is pretty accurate in the web design and development world as well. With today’s tools like WordPress, Plugins, Themes, and People, a road map is worth its weight in gold – especially if you want to get to your goal before you run out of gas!

Just as with roads, there are many ways to get to the end of a successful WordPress project. The key questions becomes, “what route do I take?”

That’s where this presentation comes in.

What do you want folks to learn from your presentation?

Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of how to make their next WordPress project a resounding and well-rounded success.

What attracted you to WordPress in the first place?

As they say, “Usability and User Experience are the keys to a happy and successful Web Relationship!”

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

Meeting the Toronto WP Community!

Why did you decide to speak?

Heard a rumour that you get a #badge for attending all three Ontario WordCamps in one year, so I guess I’m reporting live on the scene!

Really though, it’s to give back to the community that has given me so much in return. The question truly was, why NOT speak? 🙂

What is your favourite plugin or theme, and why?

Recently I’ve become a big fan of the Jetpack plugin. Extends a self-hosted WordPress installation quite a bit with very little overhead. Another awesome WordPress mod I’ve been playing with is P2. WordPress for Project Management? Oh yeah! But wait, there’s more – O2 is coming soon!