Featured Speaker: Brian Rotsztein

Brian is an inbound marketer with 16 years of experience. He’s been using WordPress since version 1.6 (2005). His companies (RedstoneX.com and Uniseo.com) provide WordPress services (web and mobile design, marketing, programming, plugin development, etc.) and he likes to give back to the community. He has spoken at WordCamp Montreal (4 times!) and WordCamp Ottawa.

Presentation: Content Marketing with Guest Posts

My presentation is Content Marketing with Guest Posts. It will cover the basics of how to guest post on blogs and contribute to online magazines. This can be helpful for SEO, social media marketing, and personal branding. WordPress is a great platform to use for that purpose.

What do you want folks to learn from your presentation?

I’d like attendees to understand how WordPress can be used for promoting written content and amplifying reach in the “modern era” of online marketing. It’s a powerful tool to get more people to consume useful content. Bloggers and the business community can benefit from this presentation.

What attracted you to WordPress in the first place?

I started using WordPress when it was on version 1.6 back in 2005! To make a long story short, as basic as it was at the time, it was the best content management system software I could find that did what I needed with relative ease. Back then, few people were using it as a CMS over blogging but I saw the potential!

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

I very much enjoy the talks but the networking and socializing aspects tend to be my favourite parts overall. I speak at and/or attend many events and WordPress conferences are my favourites. The community tends to be particularly friendly and helpful with a non-competitive spirit which isn’t as common at other events (based on my personal experiences).

Why did you decide to speak?

Among my team’s most in-demand services are WordPress-related projects. We have a wide range of services such as custom theme design, mobile design, plugin customization, SEO and Internet marketing with WordPress, WP training workshops, and so on. A lot of my team’s success has been due to our leadership with WordPress. I’m proud of our success with WordPress and WordCamp gives me the opportunity to give back to the community.

What is your favourite plugin or theme, and why?

I like plugins that help to improve user experience and make life easier. One of my favourites is Advanced Custom Fields.