WordCamp Wizard

Are You a WordPress Wizard?

We’re looking for WordPress experts — “Wizards”, as we’re calling them this year — to man the Happiness Bar at WordCamp Toronto 2013.

What’s the Happiness Bar?

  • The Happiness Bar is a space set aside for folks who need help with WordPress. It’s manned by volunteer WordPress experts (“wizards”). These experts help WordPress users troubleshoot problems on WordPress.com and self-hosted .org websites.

What’s the commitment?

  • A minimum of one hour. As with all other volunteers, if you volunteer for three hours or more your WordCamp ticket will be refunded. 🙂

What’s the benefit?

  • Give back to the WordPress community. So much of what makes WordPress successful comes from individuals contributing their time and knowledge for the greater good of the WordPress community. This is your chance to do the same.
  • It’s an excellent networking opportunity! Nothing shows off your skills as a WordPress pro like troubleshooting and fixing problems on the spot. Who knows – you might get get a gig out of it!
  • It’s fun & rewarding. Helping others tackle their WordPress problems is a great way to learn about different themes, plugins, and potential bugs that you may have never seen before.

How does one become a Wizard?